Noah Morrison

I am a 16 year old high school student, and looking for experience in Software Engineering.

Coding has been my passion since I learned Python a few summers ago.

My idea of fun is picking a language or tool that people deem as hard and learning it just to prove I can. Haskell, Common lisp, and ed are some examples of this. Do hard things, right?


I can work three days out of Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday during school weeks.

And every day from Monday to Friday on school breaks.

I can work 6 hour days during school, and 8 hour days on school break.





chevron -- Python

A rendering engine for the mustache templating language ( Faster than the other popular implementations in Python, and most importantly it's spec compliant.

wmup -- Python

A custom post uploader for wordpress powered websites. It is powered by a simple configuration file and executable scripts.

haskoban -- Haskell

Sokoban written in Haskell with editable levels and a simple terminal interface

surs -- Rust

A sudoku solver written in Rust. A brand new project that currently only loads boards and doesn't actually solve them. Although I have written a solver in Python before.

Tri-state Baptist Church -- Wordpress/PHP

I have done some work on Tri-state Baptist Church's website (powered by wordpress). Adding images to series and fixing some bugs. I also upload the sermons to the website (hence wmup).

Home server management -- Raspberry Pi/Arch Linux

I have installed Arch Linux ARM on a Raspberry Pi and use it to backup our pictures and other media files using syncthing.